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Website Design or Re-Design
Clover Creations will create a professional, affordable site, for the individual or
business, that will make the owner proud.
Clover Creations will consult with you about new or existing websites and pages. 
We can assist you or your people to create a new look for an existing site that is
right for your personal or company image.  We can design, redesign or build the 
site for you.  Which ever way you choose, you will reap all the benefits of a
Clover Creations Website.
Community Pages
Ask about our "community" websites as an alternative to a private site.  These 
sites are less expensive and may very well suit your needs.
Site Templates
At Clover Creations we are proud to be able to offer this economical option to our clients. We have a full range of unique and designer templates for you to choose from. Templated websites are less costly because the design is used for more than one client. This design option may very well serve your needs. Ask to view our wide variety of templates already designed and ready to have your text and graphics inserted.
Search Engine Optimization
One of the most neglected areas of website design today is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Some companies do not even offer it as part of their service.
At Clover Creations, we are very serious about the success of our clients and their websites. Once your site is built, we go beyond the expected level of service to provide you with basic search engine placement and upon request, full Search Engine Optimization.

Contact us today for more information about this increasingly important service.
Social Media Optimization
One of the most recent additions to the Search engine game is Social Media Optimization (SMO).  Many design companies do not yet offer this service.
Clover Creations has been offering this to our clients for the past three years. We employ the services of professionals and students proficient in the art of Social Media and articling. Many of the same individuals doing our Word Smithing are employed to write articles and blog posts as part of our SMO package.  Contact us today for more information about Social Media Optimization.
Word Smith Services or Content Writing
You only have one chance to make a first impression. Poorly written content will destroy that chance. At Clover Creations, we have in house experts who can write or re-write the content for your website. these same individuals can also optimize the content for SEO.
Website and/or e-mail Administration & Maintenance
Clover Creations will find the service provider that best suits the needs of the site owner, register an appropriate domain name and publish the website.
Once your website is up and running we will maintain it on an ongoing basis.
We do all the things that take your site to live status, and keep it that way.
Search Engine Placement
Clover Creations provides every client with basic Search Engine Placement. 
Further placement is available on request. The cost varies depending on the type of placement you desire, and the level of placement in the searches you aspire to.
Contact us today for more information.

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